Stéphane Olivier

(1964, Tournai, Belgium)

After completing his Art studies at Saint-Luc (Brussels), Stéphane studied Graphic Communication at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre (Brussels). After graduating, he worked as an independent graphic designer for the next two decades, a period during which his powerful use of colour already stood out. During this time, he continued to paint and draw, an activity which, throughout his career, will remain his “breath of fresh air” and provide him with a sense of purpose.

→  Paintings: First 1990-2000

→  Paintings: Landscapes 2008-2014
→  Paintings: Factories 2009-2012

A unique artistic universe

What distinguishes Stéphane Olivier's work, aside from his ability to navigate between abstraction and figuration, is the exploration of a varied range of themes and subjects, without any intention of descriptive rendering. Stéphane Olivier is a versatile artist, proficient in various painting techniques. His different sized canvases often depict anonymous landscapes, seemingly devoid of human presence. They are often inspired by personal iconographic documents or found on the internet. From intimate small-scale paintings to large canvases, where the brush and sponge interact, they captivate with their rich chromatic universe, luminosity, and contrasting character.

→  Paintings: Landscapes 2008-2014

What makes his work unique, is perhaps his fierce determination not to settle into any style and to consider each painting as a step in a journey, where wonder seems to be the main driving force behind his art: “If a painting, once completed, does not carry within it a dose of surprise, mystery, and emotion, why bother”.

In addition to his paintings, he also develops significant drawing work, where black becomes the protagonist of a scenography, where mineral, vegetable, and animal elements interchange in intimate or theatrical spaces.

→  Dessins

Exhibitions and Participations

Winner of the Artistic Prize of the City of Tournai: 2020
First prize of the 31st Artistic Competition of the City of Antoing: 2019
Bruno et Laurence Wouters, Tournai: 2018, 2020, 2023
Galerie 360°, Braine-l'Alleud: 2018
Maison des Arts d'Uccle: 2016-2023 Galerie Artitude, Brussels: 2015-2017
Unesco ArtCamp Andorra: 2012
Ferme Holleken, Linkebeek : 2008
AP Frame (Brussels): 2007, 2008, 2009
Art Truc Troc & Design, Brussels: 2007
Galería Iris, Madrid: 2005, 2006
Galería Toison (collective exhibition), Madrid: 2001, 2002, 2005
Cerix: 1993, 1994, 1996
Générale de Banque Nations: 1991

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